About My Blog πŸ”ž

I am new here and to the world of blogging. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and since my kids moved out, my marriage ended and I don’t have employment, why the fuck not now?

So, it’s gonna look shitty and unprofessional, I know. That’s because I’m shitty and super unprofessional. There are so many videos and education tools on how to run this, that I just decided to go all out and wing it, and a lot like my life choices, and the style of eyeliner I like to apply.

So, if profanity or vulgarity upsets you, please remove your crying-bitch ass away from my page. I say ‘fuck’ like it’s the air I breathe. You might say that I have a limited vocabulary and I’m ignorant, and I might say that it’s because of your obvious insipience and occhiolism that caused me into a deep period of liberosis, however; due to my risibility and became I’m extremely mordant that I felt the need to share my lalochezia with the world. Or those, at least, who are reading this shit I’m writing.

Logophile: lover of words

You may count on me to say the offensive or unpopular beliefs, to stick up for the under dog and stick it to the man. I am great at any argument, I can be counted on always verbalizing what everyone else is thinking and the best thing about me? Well, I give amazing blow jobs, but aside from that I’m extremely good looking; however, in addition I will have an opinion about any God-damned thing, even if I don’t know fuck all about it. And if you enjoy random- well, stick around folks, I don’t even know what I’m going to do next. It’s a lot of fun for everyone involved.

So, I’m up for topic sharing, or proving to you mathematically, that you’re a fucking moron, aside from actually lowering myself to the level of having an online debate with you, where you write in all caps and abbreviations how fat my mama is. Seriously, it’s like playing in the special Olympics, people. Sure, you might win, but trust me you’re still fucking retarded. Anyway, I digress. My topics of choice and possibly future blogs will be of subjects that contain big words. Physics, mathematics and other sciences, philosophy, literature, art, the incredible human experience, The Joker, race cars, human and civil rights, criminal law and the United States justice system, religion and my personal favorite, oh yes… sex stuff. I have many more, but that should cover it for the time being.


So, that’s it, folks. We’ll be both fucking and fighting, but the game is rigged because it’s obviously called April Wins. It’s my blog, fucker. I make the rules here. So, if you’re still reading this and would like to message me or leave a comment, please address me as Goddess. That way I’ll know you stuck with me until the end. Ride or die, bitches! This will be fun.

Forever Yours, April Grey

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