What Make a Good Person Good? I’m Asking What Think! I Would Love to Know!

Do you consider yourself to be good?

Look, I know I get zero traffic through this whole of mine in the internet, but honestly, I need to hear from you. The idea of good and what’s right is so greatly different from person to another according to them. What is a lie. Why is it a wrong thing to do? Does it make a difference if you break a law and don’t get caught and no one knows, is it still bad? What do you base you morals on? Who taught them to you? Are they valuable? Has having them made your life better? Is it ok to do a bad thing for a good reason? Are there exceptions? I honestly want to know what all other people place value in. And if you think you’re a good person and why. My comment boxes and discussion boxes are open and you can contact me directly through the contact me page. Everyone just wants someone to hear them out, to listen. I love stories, readers. I’m listening. Tell me.

“If human beings are perceived as potentials rather than problems; as possessing strengths instead of weaknesses; as unlimited rather than dull and unresponsive; then they thrive and they grow to their real capabilities.”


Please feel free to contact me personally through email if you do not wish to post comments or in discussion. Thank you.

Give me your thumbs, too. All opinions are wanted today.

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