Even My Issues Have Issues

I’ve got issues,

I can tell you a few,

Hold this door,

And I’ll tell you more.

Anxiety keeps trying to get in, I hold the handle tightly,

But anxiety is mighty,

It blows out the candles,

Leaving me in the dark,

Tripping over garbage,

Holding me hostage,

Using my head for storage,

I need to find courage.

I keep weeding out words,

Anxiety feeds,

But it’s a constant battle,

Leaving me on my knees,

In the chapel,

Trying to unravel,

Anxiety from me.

Depression moves in,

Telling me it’s my friend,

Pulls me back to the dark,

Where thoughts spark.

Cleaning starts,

I don’t get far,

Careening my head,

Words spread,

Like butter on toast, they melt in.

It’s a shit card,

I’ve been dealt,

Too many issues,

To go on.

I’ll take the door,

Got to be strong.


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