Rabbit Holes and the Like

~Alice in Wonderland

Imagine, if you will, walking in an overgrown forest. Everywhere you turn, you see the various woodland creatures going about their day to day activities. As you are walking along, you see something moving out of the corner of your eye. You’re not quite sure what it is. Until. Until it looks directly upon you. Its gaze catches yours and it begins to speak. “Will you follow me little one?” You are amazed at what you’ve just beheld. “Will you follow me, or no?” It says again. You nod. With ever the slightest hint of hesitation in your voice, you agree. This creature seems to understand the trepidation you exhibit. The rabbit nods and scurries off towards what appears to be the middle of a large thicket. You give chase. After what seems like hours of walking, you happen upon what appears to be a hole. Not a dirty, filthy hole, but one that seems to glisten in the evening’s light. “Odd,” you think as you approach this seemingly unnatural, gaping pit in the earth. You peer into the darkness. You hear something behind you. You turn quickly. There, behind you is the rabbit you followed. As you look fixedly upon this anomaly of nature, the rabbit gives you the most curious of grins. You let out a small gasp as it opens its mouth. It’s teeth are jagged and stained with what appears to be some sort ichor. You detect a stench the likes of which you’ve never known. Your stomach seethes with the most viscous of biles. Your head spins.
“Are you ready to follow me down my hole?” You are only able to give a slight nod. This is all that is needed. The rabbit lunges at you. You stumble in terror as it makes contact with your chest. You fall backwards into the hole. You feel your feet give way as you lose your balance. Your head reels at what is going on. You feel trapped somewhere between madness and reality.
Your weight seems to disappear. Eventually, a peace, the likes of which you’ve never known comes over you. You long for understanding. Will I find pain? Will I find pleasure? Will I find both at the bottom? Will I walk on the Rings of Saturn? Will I come to understand the very fiber of the human experience itself? Farther and farther, faster and faster you fall. Until you land gingerly, and much to your surprise, delicately onto soft grass. You look around, and much to your astonishment, there are doors. Hundreds of them. You try the first door with the words, “Newcomers Welcome.”
Fear, confusion, lack of understanding. Not entirely certain of what you should do. And yet, as you fell, you discovered what you had known all along That our Lifestyle is one of pleasure. One of pain. One of complete and total dedication to a set of principles. That when we truly embrace these principles we can become one with space and time. We are but dust in a shallow hull. Our time is short. We are merely shades waiting to understand our places. It is up to us to suck the very marrow out of this thing we call existence.

Alice in Wonderland

Embrace the Madness ~AG

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