Challenge Accepted!

I like a Good Challenge, So I Challenged Myself

As if there’s a better opponent… sha, right.

Can I Write 20 Topics in 20 Weeks?

I’m a procrastinator. Bad. The worst kind. This page has been set to private since I started this self-challenge on 12/24/2020. But, see, that only kept me from bein accountable if I failed. If no one knows then it never happened, right? And I I don’t fail, I post it and look like a champ. Well, kinda hard to find any bragging rights about any of that bullshit. So, I decided to publish it and if I end up going down in flames, well, it hardly matters. It’s not like this is my Tinder page, and I’m super popular.


I’m going to make a bullet point list of topics that I’d like to write about. One topic, once a week. Let’s see how this shit show of a circus goes, shall we? I’m wanting to write about the following:

  • What single life is like (Started on 12/29/2020 Doing a Solo in Life) (Completed 01/01/2021) Success!!
  • A letter to each of my children
  • The people who most greatly influenced my life (good or bad)
  • The most difficult decision I ever had to make
  • Twenty interesting, random, unique things about me
  • My Zodiac sign, if I buy into it and if it fits my personality (Started 01/02/2021 Hold the Fuck Up!) (Completed 01/02/2021) Success!! FUCKING NAILING THIS!
  • A moment in my life I felt most satisfied
  • The first time I fell in love, or at least thought I did (still do)
  • I’ll play my favorites on Spotify on random and write about the first five songs that play (Started on 01/04/2021 Five Favs Picked On Shuffle) (Completed on 01/11/2021) Barely a success, but still was!
  • My main core belief’s and morals
  • Why I’ve become friends with my demons
  • Living with mental heath issues
  • A person who fascinates me and why
  • A person who I miss (My Dad (Started 01/02/2021 My Shot at Taking Snaps) (Finished 01/02//2021) Success!!
  • The best advice I ever received
  • Ten things that make me instantly fall in love with life again (Started 01/11/2021) I lied, I meant to start that day, but a serious battle with the depressive part of “manic-depressive” happened. I’ll try to start sometime today, not that it matters. Nobody reads this shit. (Actual start date 01/17/2021)
  • Bullet-pointing my whole day (this one should be really easy!)
  • What do I actually do for a living?
  • Why I make a better Villain than a Hero
  • What is the secret to happiness (according to me, anyway)

Wish me luck, fuckers. I’m gonna need so much of it…. so, so much, nah… fuck off. I got this.


You know, it’s like my mama used to always say to me, “April, what the fuck is wrong with you?!”


Make a one-time donation, it might help me with my mother issues and low self esteem.

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Your contribution is appreciated.

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