If you’ve ever listened close to silence,

I’m sure that you have heard,

The gentle constant ringing,

In the small space between two words.

When you really pay attention,

You’ll find it’s not just in your head,

But instead it whispers of the words,

The one that was left unsaid.

It’s the, “I love you,” left unspoken

And a mother’s last goodbye,

That she never had the chance to say,

Before her daughter died.

It’s the forgiveness never given,

And an apology left too late,

That would have saved a best friend’s life,

If they had known that it could not wait.

It’s a phrase that could help them,

And it’s scars that could heal,

It’s the words from those too scared to say,

The truth of how they feel.

But you do have an advantage,

For you’re still alive to speak the words that could help save a life,

Or give strength to someone weak,

So may you never leave unspoken,

Words the world ought to hear…

Before they just become more ringing in another person’s ear.

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